आपका साथी आपके समीकरण के बारे में क्या सोचता है? पढ़ें और पता करें!


One of most ambiguous situation to delve into now days in relationships is asking yourself that one question, that may act like a splinter in the brain! ‘Should I be okay with my partner keeping in touch with his or her ex’? While you may want to exhibit a sense of maturity in assuming a particular situation is not yours to handle and your partner can decide best but there is always an assumption of some doubt whether or not it’s okay for your partner to have his or ex in to the picture.


 It’s mostly through the difference in the evolution of the emotional curve or just a practical sense of being. Sometimes conditioning and experiences of the past also shape our belief system and what we think is right or wrong.


We took the liberty to ask a mixed bag of men and women about what they feel about their partners or future partners being in touch with their past. We gathered few opinions and they are listed below:


Girl 1- 31

I don’t mind my boyfriend keeping in touch with his ex if they are in a good space. I would like to keep in touch with mine, so I should be okay with him keeping in touch with hers.


Boy 1- 31

I am in touch with most of my ex-girlfriends and I don’t mind my girlfriend being in touch with her ex-boyfriend(s) as long as there are boundaries. Who knows the relationship transcends to something better than being an ex, into a strong friendship? Today I count most of my ex’s amongst my best friends.


Girl 2- 30

It depends on my boyfriend’s dynamics with his ex. If they both have had full closure and there is no ambiguity and they found a good friendship with each other, then it’s okay I guess.


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